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I don't pose anybody or set anything up, I just shoot what I see, the way I see it - real life, just as it comes. Mostly my own family living our everyday - the warm-fuzzy, the whiny-fussy, the silly, the muddy, the sleep-deprived, the joyful, and all of the many overlaps between them. I shoot every single day, and 90% of the time it's all in my home.

I tend to focus my lens on childhood milestones, personality traits, the ups and downs of family relationships, and the mundane tedium of each season of life. I seek to strengthen relationships with my photographs, and I yearn for every unique soul to feel known and valued, just as they are.

And then I shoot nature when I need a break from my people.

Image courtesy of Jen Tracyme

John Mayer's live jams, ska music, and the color orange make me ridiculously happy.

I'm an empathizer, a unifier of groups, and a devout encourager. I am, at my truest core, an obsessive student. A forever student. A student of photography, and a student of people. Learning is when I feel most invigorated and alive - it is my soul's oxygen. And photography is a subject whose depth defies mastery, and promises endless chase.

my people

Been married half my life to my well-matched and well-balanced husband. We own a local company providing IT services for small businesses, which he runs and for which, as often as I can, I bake lots of desserts to treat our team.

We have a passel of kids, all still at home. I homeschool some of them and I use photography to help me love them all better. My house is never empty, rarely quiet, and my walls are overfull of huge photos of our life.


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